University Media

University Media

As a student of the University of Newcastle for both my undergrad and postgrad degrees, I have a strong sense of belonging to this place. I owe so much to this university and the people I’ve met in my time at UON.

I’ve been pretty active on campus ever since I joined my first club (Robogals) in 2014 – my final year of undergrad! Since then I’ve been playing catch-up and trying to be part of this community. I’m also very passionate about activism and advocacy.

Women’s Collective Interview: Share Your Insights #5 by Hollie Hughes and Paris Drinkwater

The NUSA Women’s Collective have been key to my university life since I first became involved in 2015. Despite each change in executive, you can expect action and advocacy for women (trans inclusive) & non-binary people and a safe space to hang out with like minded people. We talked about my uni journey and advice for students.

When it comes to confidence, Emma believes that speaking up for yourself, asking questions and not being afraid of feedback are crucial, “It took me years before I finally started asking questions and I can’t say how important that was for me…it’s changed my life.”

UON Navigator Interview: Inspiring Women of UON by Lauren Freemantle

UON Navigator is the new University of Newcastle’s official, student-run media group, and in celebration of International Women’s Day 2020 I was contact to share some thoughts about my feelings of the day.

I like to celebrate [International Women’s Day], because I think myself and so many other people who are activists spend so much time arguing and advocating – being so passionate can feel like anger a lot of the time. So it’s good to take a moment to pat everyone on the back and appreciate where we are.

University of Newcastle Interview: Humans of UON by Melissa Wilson

On UON’s own Instagram page, they feature the lives and times of students and staff across campuses. I got a small feature! It was shared across different university media platforms and I got a nice Twitter picture out of it!

“Run your own race, don’t compare yourself to others, and try everything. Try not to underestimate what you’re capable of and take some risks”

YAK Magazine Interview: Exclusivity in Women’s Empowerment Groups on Campus by Hannah Simmons

Hannah sat down with myself and Tori Thew, who at the time, were on the executive team of the UON Women’s Collective. We talked about empowerment, activism and the importance of students engaging in this space.

“Facing situations of adversity and overcoming those, that’s what empowerment is”

YAK Magazine Opinion: Why Sexual Health is Always Up for Discussion by Emmalee Ford

The first week of March at the University of Newcastle marks our Sexual Health and Guidance (SHAG) week. With a variety of events equipping students with the knowledge and tools to protect (and enjoy) themselves, I took this as an opportunity to chime in.

Our reproductive systems exist on an axis with our brain, with the transfer of signals and hormones between all working to keep us (somewhat) stable. This controls not only our regular bodily functions and helps us enjoy sexy times, but also can control our moods [and] behaviours

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